Wednesday, 30 November 2016



In a situation where tourists ask "Do you take cash?", and shoppers wonder why the queue at the check-out takes so long: I ask, how did plastic become the new paper?
And why would Transport for London fool the public into thinking they have the right to pay by any means they wish and the business owner has no say in the transaction?

TfL are very anti cash. If you want to hop on a bus with cash, forget it.
If you do not have a card or you are overdrawn, you have to purchase an Oyster card in a shop. Yes walk away from the bus, watch it drive off, and go purchase your Oyster.
I know you are confused, but this is TfL we are talking about, and they do not think like you and me.
TfL are not the only culprits. Councils like the 'convenience' of plastic too. Try parking your car without a smartphone or money in your account.
When I say 'convenience', I mean convenient for the Council, not for the consumer.

Taxis are the last bastion of consumer choice. For decades Taxis have been accepting both card and cash, for their customers' convenience.
So why are the likes of TfL and Westminster Council pushing so hard to for a cashless society?
Firstly you have to look at who gains from a plastic economy.

The reason card payments are being foisted as the only way to pay José, is so some fat phuk can sit sucking on his Cohiba, with a flute of Gout de Diamants in one hand, and an under-aged Russian prostitute in the other, sunning himself on his yacht in the South of France, as five percent of everyone's spending makes its way into his offshore account, without him have to put his champagne or child bride down.
Cash is no good for his lifestyle. He would have to start working for a living. And his Swiss banker would stop inviting him around for Christmas on the piste.

Back home his minions in Parliament are encouraging debt, and educating trendies on how entering your card and then your PIN and then wait for clearance, is so much more convenient than that dirty money with its meat based fivers.
What a job, hey?
Sitting there on your yacht, waiting for the suckers to start spending.

Once the 'suckers' have paid their 'income tax' and their oxymoronic 'value added tax', they can then pay more for the privilege of spending their own hard earned non-cash.
And if they run into debt, because they are uncertain of how much they actually possess, they can use their plastic credit to bide them over till the end of the month; at a reasonable rate of interest of course. Deemed reasonable by your mate on the yacht moored next to yours.
What a great scam, hey?
But would anybody fall for it?
Maybe not. But you can dream can't you?

Dream of a land of blinkered sheep.
Spring lambs, whose only worry is where they are going out on the weekend.
Or the muttons dressed as lamb, who buy bacon by the slice, and live in perpetual debt.
And then there are the tups, who believe they have everything sorted, who don't own their house so much as it owns them. They got on the treadmill years ago and they will keep pushing themselves until it finally kills them.
Sheep literally dying to pay for your newer, bigger yacht.

Wake up!
The wolf is at the door.

Monday, 28 November 2016



Some of us have been to 'that place' and back. And some sadly never made the journey home.
I am fully aware of the pressures some drivers are under. I remember only too well, in fact.
I am determined this will not happen to any driver on my watch!
Young drivers with mortgages/rent, cab rent/HP, young children, wolves knocking at the door, with no hope and no sight of an end to it, haunts me still.
I will not stand idly by while girls are being attacked and raped, because of deregulation, via greed.
I will not stand idly by and watch the destruction of my fellow driver, because of deregulation, via greed.

Christmas is an emotional time of year. The Samaratans claim it to be their busiest period.
Work as hard as you can. See Christmas through. Remember, those who love you need you more than they will ever need anything else.
Those of us with responsibilities will have to carry our burden with a smile, for the sake of our loved ones. Give them a wonderful Christmas. During Christmas, take note of the people around you, they are what count, not material things.
You are a team, one unit, you and your family will gain strength from each other.
I sincerely hope you enjoy Christmas.
Amid all the chaos of Christmas Day, take time to live in the 'now'. Enjoy the present, even if it is a fleeting moment before the chaos begins again. This is real life. A life worth fighting for. A life worth saving.

For those drivers on their own, I know this is a difficult time. I know it hurts.
Sadness can overwhelm us to the point of destruction. Yes we cry, and those of us who are broken cry at the drop of a hat - this is natural.
We can all get through this together. If you know me, or know what I look like, stop me for a chat. We can turn all that is negative into positive, I promise you.

In the New Year, we will be bringing the fight to them.
Even if you feel Shawcross and Khan will do the right thing, we need to aid them, by bringing attention to our plight.
Demos cost those who would see us deregulated.
Get the message out there to every cab driver. For some of our colleagues, this is literally a fight for our lives.
We will shame all who caused this, all who refuse to help, and all who fail to take up arms and protest.

We will fight this tooth and nail!
We will leave no one behind!
We will win!

Tuesday, 22 November 2016



Yesterday's protest was an action to keep the Orgs and Transport for London on their toes and to let them know, in no uncertain terms, we are far from satisfied with their performance and results so far.

We arrived at Windsor House at 16:00.
Leon Daniels passed by, down the side of Windsor House, and kindly informed us that the venue for the 'Cabbies Cabinet' meeting was being changed to Palestra House.
So we shot over to Palestra, in time for the meeting.
A fortunate chain of events really. Steve McNamara and Helen Chapman met earlier, and obviously thought they could outflank London's finest, until Daniels spilled the beans.
Fortunate because from initial clear blue skies, the heavens opened up.
Palestra gifted us with some much appreciated shelter from inclement weather, which Windsor House and 230 Blackfriars Road do not possess.

Ninety percent of the protesters were able to park up and grab their placards.
It was extremely windy and a little fresh, but the crew showed their Dunkirk spirit. Chanting, chatting and slapping their placards Zulu style, keeping the mood jolly, the protesters were no going to budge.
The meeting went well over an hour past schedule, but the protesters remained steadfast. We were determined to find out exactly what was said upstairs and what the three Org leaders had to say for themselves.

Steve McNamara came out with Jim Kelly, just ahead of Grant Davis.
Kelly had nothing to say, as usual.

McNamara flimflammed and went into his usual non informative, well-rehearsed rhetoric. Applying the Oddy method of using the protesters' disdain to stop speaking, and moving from one awkward question to another without actually answering anything. It is an art-form, and I was also impressed by the way he positions himself as the innocent victim, trying to reach an audience who refuse to listen. Listen to what, exactly? The art of speaking, but actually saying nothing is a sight to behold.
The protesters grew tired of McNamara meaninglessly twittering on, and handed the microphone to Davis.

Davis told the concerned audience exactly what had gone on in the Cabbies Cabinet. Most of which can be found in Mayor Khan's 'Action Plan'.
For those who have not yet digested it, the Mayor promises to give us what is already ours, with a few bits of tinsel added to jazz it up and look like a package.
Sadiq also promises to lobby for the stuff that is not already ours - because that stuff is out of his hands. So ... back to where we were with Boris Johnson then.

Davis held court for quite a while, with even his biggest detractors hanging on his every word. He spoke without interruption; informative and enlightening, Davis gave everyone who turned up a feeling of hope.
We were listening to a man who fully understood what we want from our Org leaders. A full time Taxi driver who knows about our problems, and who feels our pain first hand. Someone who is willing to go that extra mile to try and right the wrongs done to us by TfL and co.
I must say, most drivers were impressed by Davis and his passion.

The most impressive display of the day belongs to the protesters themselves; resolute and able to improvise and adapt to any situation.
Well done to the 'Usual Suspects' who attend every protest and demo. It is an honour to stand shoulder to shoulder with you. No matter what TfL try to do to combat our resolve, you stand fast and act quickly.

Sunday, 13 November 2016



Rape and sexual abuse has sky-rocketed since Uber came to London and persuaded Transport for London to deregulate the Taxi and Private Hire industry, to accommodate their work model.
Everyone in authority knows about the rapes. Some choose to do nothing, while others are actively involved in assisting this disgraceful crime.

A silent version of Boris Johnson, Mayor Khan

Two years ago the Birmingham Mail reported that Birmingham City Council hid links between Asian minicab drivers and child sex victims for twenty three years.
With recent child exploitation scandals in Rotherham and Rochdale, a normal thinking human being would take it for granted that every taxi authority and council in the country would be tightening regulation, not relaxing it.
But the normal human being would not be factoring greed, political ambition and business aspirations, into their thought process.
They would just be thinking about protecting the public.
Protecting the public is not part of the deal. Becoming rich, being promoted, being elected is part of the 'Owners' deal.
No one in authority cares about you or me. Unless it is election time.

Six hundred Private Hire minicab licenses are issued in London every week. Yes every week!
Standards have been lowered to gutter level to accommodate Uber.
David Cameron and George Osborne actively supported the deregulation, the flooding of the minicab market, and openly lobbied for Uber.
Goldman 'Government' Sachs know about the rapes and sexual assaults, but do they care? Yes they do care, about profit margins. And if those statistics get out into the public domain, it might effect their investment.
Minicabs and Taxis have worked in London for decades.
There were some reputable minicab companies, who have gone to the wall, because of self interested people in authority like Sajid Javid, who openly promoted Uber and refused Mayor Johnson's plea to cap minicab licenses. And Baroness Susan Kramer who fought to abolish Cross Border Control, taking the authority to control minicabs away from councils.

Someone has to get the message out there.

We have active bodies prostituting themselves, such as the IEA, which is chaired by the mother of Rachel Whetstone, an Uber executive, who made a video, starring young women, calling for even more deregulation. These women were actively and consciously telling other young females to use Uber, totally aware of the statistics of recent minicab rape and sexual assault. They shamed themselves and betrayed their sisters for money.
And CityAM, a throwaway freebie magazine, who fully understand the dangers of rape and road traffic accidents in Uber cars, but still choose to write adverts in the guise of stories to promote Uber.
Lets face it, if you write for CityAM you have not quite made the grade in your chosen profession, have you. But that does not give you carté blanche to brazenly prostitute yourself for rape appeasers.

Wicked Witch of the IEA, Linda Whetstone

Do you remember Unite and Tom Watson? Unite are the union-come-political party who put Sadiq Khan in office.
And Tom Watson is the one who Tweets about his cat and stabbed Jeremy Corbyn in the back.
Well they promised us the Earth a year and a half ago. Heard anything from them lately?
Unite have the money and the power to take TfL to court and force a public inquiry. But according to Unite, TfL are doing a marvellous job.
So on the face of it, we have another whitewash, where people get raped, abused, injured and killed, but no one will be found accountable.

Every MP and every member of the House of Lords knows about the rise in rape and sexual assault, and the accidents and injuries, by satnav-watching, inexperienced, unqualified, unvetted Uber drivers. If they claim ignorance, they need to step down.
Mayor Sadiq Khan was forced to publicly acknowledge last year's rape stats by David Kurten MP, a UKIP member of the GLA.
Khan was quick to point out that not every sex offender was an Uber driver (only 32 out of 154). Correct, but the deregulation that allowed for unsavoury drivers to slip through the net was brought about by Uber coercing and enticing TfL.
What Mayor Khan failed to inform the GLA was that those stats were incomplete. Those figures, gleaned from a Freedom of Information query, were from only six of London's thirty two boroughs. And that the stats did not count minicab touts or those drivers who committed their crimes whilst their Uber app was logged off, or was moonlighting for a bit of cash unbeknownst to their minicab employer.
Now take into consideration what the Metropolitan Police and Rape Crisis tell us, that only ten percent of rape and sexual assault victims come forward, we are looking at over eight thousand attacks in 2015 alone!

Uncaring and unmoved, Val Shawcross

At the moment, TfL and the Mayor's Office are refusing to release the latest minicab rape and sexual assault figures, due two months ago, claiming they need more time.
More time for what? They have the stats. Are they massaging and manipulating them?
Are the authorities, like Birmingham, like Rotherham, like Rochdale, like many others across the country, suppressing and reshaping the truth?
If Sadiq Khan and Val Shawcross really cared, they would inform the public.
Khan and Shawcross played the Taxi and legitimate Private Hire industry.

Friday, 28 October 2016



Is political correctness or financial expediency to blame for the rape of our children in Rotherham and Rochdale?
It is accepted by most journalists that the reason Social Services and the South Yorkshire and Greater Manchester police forces refused to answer our children's cry for help, was a political one.
That mindset fits neatly into an acknowledged acceptance of extreme political bias.
But I believe the true reason was financial.

The government and local authorities refused to finance any means of support for those young victims.
Victims who were vulnerable, homeless and in care.
'Care' is a political oxymoron. Those in charge do not 'care'.
There is not enough money filtering its way down to children in 'care' to actually care for them.

Since Rochdale and Rotherham, we are hoping with bated breath that is the end of it. That similar horror stories do not erupt from Birmingham, West Midlands, Oxford, Reading, Nottingham, Sheffield or London.
And if our nightmares do come true, they will be hijacked and blamed on Political Correctness, by bigots and apologists alike.
Allowing those who hold the financial purse strings off the hook once again.

In London people are being raped and sexually assaulted at an alarming rate by unvetted and under-policed minicab drivers.
In Rotherham and Rochdale, licensed minicab drivers were heavily steeped in the abhorrent abuse carried out by gangs of depraved rapists.
Nationally eighty percent of all 'stranger' rape is committed by minicab drivers.

In London rape and sexual abuse of women and men is being allowed to continue, by the authorities, due again to financial reasons.
Our daughters are being auctioned off to aid the highest bidder.
Transport for London purports to be a non profit organisation, but like many non profit organisations the people at the top are doing extremely well thank you.
TfL have, on the orders of Number 10 and its owners Goldman Sachs, turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to rape and sexual abuse in licensed and unlicensed minicabs in London.

Uber came to London as the pathfinder for TTIP.
They seduced their way into obtaining an Operators License from an easily bought TfL, with the aid of feted, cajoled and lobbied MPs, including David Camerom PM, and Chancellor George Osborne.
Buying one of Her Majesty's MPs nowadays is sadly all too easy.
Since Uber rode into Dodge, in 2012, licensing regulations have been diluted and changed to meet Uber's requirements, not TfL's.

A lot of money has been invested in Uber, and bankers are not going to let ten rapes and sexual assaults every week get in the way of profits.
It may well be a case of Political Correctness, because the victims are mainly working class; but do not doubt that it is allowed to continue because of huge financial investments.
Most of the people playing God with our lives get a Licensed London Taxi or their chauffeur to take them to their Gentlemen's Club.
The bottom line for the financial elite is money.
The rich and powerful are sacrificing our daughters on the alter of greed.

If you read the argument in favour of the abolition of Cross Border Control by Baroness Kramer, its insignificant and self indulgent rhetoric plays only to a captive audience of careless people who have no grasp on the ramifications of their actions.
The likes of Addison Lee might have found the abolition of CBC to have been fortuitous, but those whose job it is to police minicabs in London have found it an impediment.
The abolition of CBC is an important aid to the would-be minicab rapist.

We in London have a relatively new Mayor and a new Prime Minister.
The Mayor has acknowledged the problem of London's unacceptable rate of rape and sexual abuse in minicabs, but apart from promises that adhere to no time-scale, we have seen no action to tackle this.
The Prime Minister seems, to the outside world, to have little or no concern for the plight of those ordinary people whom she supposedly serves.
Institutionalised rape is one of those categories, like child abuse and hate crime, where it is allowed to go unchecked until those who own the News can disregard it no longer and finally 'exclusively' inform the public.
Then nothing is done, except we are told that they (the authorities) will learn from this ... until the next time.

A Freedom of Information request has been tendered to the Metropolitan Police and Transport for London, asking how many rapes and sexual assaults have been perpetrated by Taxis, Private Hire minicabs, Uber and minicab touts.
Londoners are now being put in extreme danger, because TfL have refused to abide by the request, rescheduling the deadline for the FOI release each time the date for publication is imminent.
The Mayor of London seems to be complicit in this fiasco. And Number 10 seems to be selectively oblivious.

Her Majesty's government, the Mayor of London's office, the Greater London Authority, the Metropolitan and City Police, most Members of Parliament and Lords, and your local authorities DO NOT CARE!

If anyone cared, really cared, they would have done something about this travesty.
Her Majesty's Government, local government, and police knew about Rotherham and Rochdale.
They are far too busy looking good, to be doing good.

We know that Her Majesty's Government, TfL, the Mayor's Office, the GLA, the Metropolitan and City Police know first hand about minicab rape in London.
They simply DO NOT CARE!

These figures are from only 6 of London's 32 boroughs

Saturday, 8 October 2016



Whilst Uber cry crocodile tears for the media, complaining that Sadiq Khan is making it impossible for their drivers to meet the financial requirements needed to become successful Private Hire applicants. And whilst the Taxi Orgs are accepting every empty promise emerging from the Bullshit Mayor's mouth to be gospel.

Think on this; who is really going to be priced out of the market?

We have a £60,000 taxicab being forced upon us in just over a year's time.
Thanks to an LTDA-TfL initiative, the Taxi Trade will be taking a hit of up to 5% on every Credit Card transaction.
Talks of a decrease of Rate 4 or Rate 3 are actually being tabled.
And we are supposed to be breathing a sigh of relief because some part-time Uber drivers might be forced to dish out one off payments of hundreds of pounds for English and Driving tests?

The Bullshit Mayor promised access to more bus lanes.
So far we have had access to the London Bridge bus lane reneged upon.
Have you seen the proposed bus lane package? 20 bus lanes being made accessible? Like the two in Kidbrooke Park Road? They are not bus lanes. They are width restrictions, that buses are allowed to go around.
Taxis do not need to go around width restrictions, we are advanced drivers.
We need access to places like Tottenham Court Road, not chicanes!

The Bullshit Mayor spouts on about "Improving engagement with TfL." TfL will not release our FOI request.
They refuse to get back to Taxi Organisations.
TfL email addresses and Twitter accounts are for show only.

The Bullshit Mayor vomits crap like "New initiatives for the trade." New? I was taking credit cards twenty years ago!
We have been issued stickers to place on and in our cabs, purporting we 'now' accept credit cards.
I am a staunch believer in the freedom of choice.
Although I agree every taxi should have the facility to accept card payments; I believe it is illegal for TfL to demand that a driver must relinquish his or her right to refuse to give credit on every occasion.
TfL and the Bullshit Mayor care less about the safety of Taxi drivers, than they do about the Public. And we know they do not give a rat's arse about Public Safety.
The same mob who send vulnerable travellers into Private Hire cars driven by unvetted drivers, are forcing vulnerable Taxi drivers into the back of their cabs with unvetted passengers.
Rear mounted card machines are a danger. No driver, male or female, should be forced to choose between waiving the fare or being compromised in the back of a taxi.

The Bullshit Mayor promised proper demarcation between Taxi Cabs and Private Hire minicars.
Within days TfL allow AddLee to use the term Taxi for their app.

So you think the Mayor will protect the two-tier system?
Meanwhile 600 new PH drivers are hitting our roads every week, without proper vetting.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016



The ITA have advised me that their decision is based upon the current state of trade reticence.
The trade seems to take comfort in the fact that the Mayor of London is trying his utmost to combat Uber and its powerful friends, to save our three hundred and fifty year old iconic trade.
That may or may not be true - only time will tell.

He is also trying his best to placate a huge number of dissatisfied Taxi drivers, who feel they have been thrown overboard in favour of a rich American conglomerate who pays nothing into our economy, but relies upon UK government subsidies to pay their impoverished 'employees'.
The Mayor's promises have allowed the more apathetic amongst us to plead for a respite while we wait ... wait for what exactly?
Wait until May comes and goes, and Uber renew their license?

The majority of the Taxi trade never Demo.
The majority of the Taxi trade are only too willing to let the minority speak up for them, while they carry on regardless.
The majority of the Taxi trade like to moan about work or the lack of it, or about the roads, or Uber, or TfL, or official statistics that other proactive drivers have uncovered for them - but moaning is about as far as they are prepared to go.
The majority of the trade will not fight, and are not worth fighting for.

Think of the drivers with huge housing costs, children to keep and an overpriced taxi to maintain, who cannot make ends meet; who are pulling their hair out in sheer frustration, caused not by their incompetence, but by TfL's criminality.

Our fight is not against the Mayor.
Our fight is not against the ineffective GLA.
Our fight is against injustice. It is against the deregulation and destruction of our trade.
Our fight is against Cameron, Osborne, Johnson, Anderson, Kramer, Javid and all the other corrupt officials with a vested interest in overseeing our demise.
Our fight is against Daniels, Bertram, Hendy, Mason, Emmerson and all those who seek to destroy our trade for their own personal gain.


Hire and reward insurance.
This is already the law.
The fact that it has not been enforced, says more about Transport for London (TfL), than it does the Mayor.

Extra ranks.
For who? Minicabs to sit on, whilst Compliance Officers lounge in some burger bar, out of sight?
What good are extra ranks if they are not policed?
I bet the fog-lit minicabs are jumping for joy though.

Access to more bus lanes.
Why are we not allowed into all bus lanes anyway?
Cycles use them - and they slow buses up far more than Taxis ever could.
And what about Tottenham Court Road?
We know all about the 'Great Bus Scam', but how many buses need the whole of Tottenham Court Road to themselves?

Agreed fare in advance for Private Hire customers.
Another rule that TfL have not enforced.
Private Hire (minicabs) have always been required to quote a fare in advance of the journey.

Phone contact with Customer Service.
TfL are rewriting the rules to accommodate Uber.
Landlines may become a requirement of the past.
What is the point of having any rules or regulations, if they are changed to accommodate the highest bidder?

More Compliance Officers.
Are any of these new officers going to come out after dark?
The lot we have at the moment seem anything but nocturnal.
They drive around during the day, jumping out of vans to nick Taxi drivers fouling ranks, but once the sun goes down they are nowhere to be seen, except a handful huddled in McDonald's, whilst minicabs rank up outside clubs and restaurants with impunity.

Private Hire paying their way on compliance costs.
This is a common sense piece of husbandry.
And a good reason to lower the extortionate price of the Taxi license. I say extortionate, because the trade gets nothing back in return.

Minimum 3 year UK DBS.
A huge step in the right direction.
Dads Defending Daughters called for five years minimum citizenship - but at least three years citizenship is better than a letter of good conduct from an embassy who has little to no knowledge of the applicant.
These new measures might save a person from being raped or murdered.
As our Mayor stated, "Even one is one too many."
Unfortunately, this decision is not in the hands of Sadiq Khan.
This is new legislation we are seeking.
Do not underestimate the bought and paid for MPs and journalists, who will oppose this legislation in favour of thirty pieces of silver. For them, rape is merely collateral damage.
This legislation must be implemented in every workplace, where any applicant is left in charge of children and the vulnerable.
Dads Defending Daughters would like to see DNA tests brought in for all applicants.

The Mayor's intention for minicab proprietors to have Fleet Insurance.
How will this affect Uber? Uber claim they do not have a fleet. They are an IT company.
Finance for fleet insurance will be levied upon the individual driver by the employer.
This is just political rhetoric.

Reviewing ride-sharing with DfT.
Another rule change that our Mayor has no jurisdiction over.
Except those who directly benefit financially, who on God's green earth thinks sharing a minicab with strangers is a good thing?
It is bad enough that the minicab driver may be an unchecked stranger. Now the greedy bastards want our daughters and sons to get into a minicab with strange passengers too!

Topographical tests.
Who cares about Mickey Mouse topographical tests?
It is not the Knowledge of London.
The public will be led to believe minicab drivers actually know what they are doing.
Great public relations for the likes of Uber.

Driving tests.
This is something that is not feasible, and leads me to question the Mayor's motivation.
There are not enough examination centres available to take on an extra hundred thousand advanced driving tests over three years.
Nor is there enough time to allocate and carry out all these tests. Let alone the driving lessons needed to achieve a high enough level of competence.
The Mayor is anything but stupid. He knows this cannot be achieved. Yet he promises it. Why?
It is simpler for TfL to insist that every minicab applicant must have a DVLA pass certificate before applying for a minicab license. And has not merely exchanged their foreign license for a UK one.

Transparency and demarcation for cab related criminal offences and KSI statistics.
Already we are seeing that these are nothing more than meaningless words printed in a quaint little pamphlet, to appease a few worried Taxi drivers.
Where are the Freedom of Information statistics, which were due to be published on 20th September 2016?
Our trade organisations cannot get an acknowledgement, let alone any answers.

Reviewing in-venue minicab operators.
Reviewing what exactly?
Do you believe this dangerous practice will be rectified?
On what grounds?
TfL gave an Operators License to an IT company, for crying out loud!
They sell roundels to absolutely anyone!
They allow unchecked drivers to ferry the vunerable around!
They are never going to change this lucrative activity because of public safety issues.


A full Public Enquiry into Transport for London's corrupt relationship with Uber.
Are we just going to get on with our lives, like this never happened?
Are we supposed to forget those innocent victims of rape and sexual assault?
Are we supposed to forget those drivers who lost their homes?
Forget those drivers who suffered divorce?
Forget those drivers who suffered bankruptcy?
Forget those drivers who are so behind with mortgage payments it will be five or even ten years before they are back on track?
Forget those drivers who had to seek employment elsewhere?
Forget those drivers who suffered a nervous breakdown?
Are we supposed to forget the people who instigated this misery, and let them ride off into the sunset with a golden handshake and a brand new promotion?
Not bloody likely!

No more ineffectual enforcement.
We demand that Compliance Officers do the job they are paid to do.
Are we supposed to sit idly by while minicabs shit all over compliance loopholes, basking on our Taxi ranks, plying for hire in Mayfair and the City?
Is our 'right to work' not worth fighting for?

Capping of minicab licenses.
The government's own transport committee has spoken out against the complete and utter chaos caused by TfL's chaotic road strategy.
The transport committee are fed up with TfL issuing six hundred minicabs every week onto our roads, condoned by the Secretary of State for Business (BIS) and Department for Transport (DfT), and exacerbated by TfL's disastrous Cycle Superhighway.
Day-long congestion and rising levels of pollution is literally choking the life out of 9,500 Londoners every year.
BIS's solution to finding jobs for the unemployable, via mini-cabbing, is ruining Londoners lives.
Big and small businesses are moving away from this purpose built madness, every month.
London is not open - London is locked shut!
This is another problem that is outside the remit of Mayor Khan.
We demand that DfT and BIS curtail this ludicrous situation, promoted by Uber-loving Sajid Javid before he was banished to the political underworld by Theresa May PM.

Greed got us into this mess, and greed will keep us there.
The greed of an uncaring government, who would see us go the same way as the miners, printers and shipbuilders, so they could line their own pockets.
The greed of TfL management under orders from Cameron and Osborne, who in turn were under orders from 'Government' Sachs and other unctuous investors.
These obscene gluttons see rape and sexual assault as acceptable collateral damage, in their grubby quest for a bigger return on their investment.
These gannets are prepared to destroy the lives of good men and women, so they can gorge themselves on the profit of our misery.
Greedy self interested Taxi drivers would rather work on, than fight to stop this unprecedented rise of rape and sexual abuse in minicabs.
Greedy blinkered Taxi drivers with their heads buried in their lolly-bags, would rather let someone else take the time and effort to fight for their jobs.

We will not Demo for the sake of Demoing.
We will not Demo simply because we are angry.
We will not Demo against a fair and proper Mayor.
We will Demo against an unfit and improper regulator.
We will Demo against an unjust government.
We will Demo when they refuse to listen.
We will Demo when they refuse to answer.
We will Demo when they refuse to be accountable.
We will Demo to reverse unfair decisions made by unjust officials.
We will Demo to be heard!

"The belly is a rascal, it doesn't remember how well you treated it yesterday, it'll cry out for more tomorrow." — Alexander Solzhenitsyn